WTF Boston

There are a great number of things that I would change about Boston if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, most of them are totally unrealistic.

For example, I would really like to be able to walk into a boutique on Newbery or Charles Street, pick up an item of clothing that I would like to purchase, and have it be less than $120. That would be really cool.

Another glorious switch would be to be able to run down any street in Boston and not run into groups of 10-15 confused tourists (slowly spinning and pointing at street signs) with maps who a. do not care that I am trying to get by and b. do not speak English well enough for me to politely ask them to move. I AM TRYING TO KEEP MY HEART RATE UP PEOPLE.

Sooooooo anyway…

I suppose if I were to be realistic, however, I would have one sweeping change to make to the city of Boston: everything would stay open later. I truly have no idea how the city shuts down so early. Even on weekends everything is closed by midnight unless you are going to Gypsy Bar. I do not understand how a city that is made up primarily of young adults is so lacking in late night fun. Even the T shuts down at 12:30 on weekends, right?

Life would be so much easier (and cheaper) if the T stayed open until about 3:00 am. Do you know what it is like trying to get a cab to get home from a BU party at that hour? Next to impossible. And god forbid you have five people with you because that is one more than any cab driver can legally carry in a normal sized cab. I have had that argument one too many times.

Finding a van cab is like finding a unicorn.

In addition, as much as I do adore the C Store, it would be amazing to have a few late night snack places that are open until the early hours during the week. HEY BUISNESS ORIENTED PEOPLE- If you are looking to make some SERIOUS money, open a deli on Boylston. Have vegetarian options. Call in Munchies. Not only will college students sing praises of your name on high like choirs of heavenly angels, you will make BANK. I mean look at NYP or B Hop on a Saturday night. They are the only places open and they pull in some serious business. All I’m saying is, a little competition keeps things fresh for everyone. Capitalism <3.

In summation, I would like Boston to stay up late with me. Where are all the 22 year olds at 2:00 am? I find it really hard to believe that they are home asleep, but that seems to be the case. This confuses and saddens me.

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